At 18, driven by the need to travel and the desire for independence, Yaël continued her studies in the Merchant Navy.

The closed environment awakens his practice of drawing; the maritime landscape, his taste for observation.

She changed course and made her way into artistic practice and art therapy.

Yaël leaves with her family for Gabon, meets a team of psychologists who offer her the opportunity to put her knowledge in Art therapy into practice.

A storytelling-therapeutic workshop is set up and is complemented by individual artistic mediation sessions for children with specific needs.

Yaël discovered Côte d'Ivoire in 2013. She then decided on her unconditional and professional artistic commitment.

Artist, woman, western. Yaël lived in the cradle of humanity for 8 years. She looks at the traces of the colonial past, of France Africa.

Côte d'Ivoire seems to him to be plundered by an icy system where money is only the engine of all decisions.

She asks forgiveness for all these past, present and future crimes. It's like "an official restitution" of works for her, her duty as an artist begins there.

She wants to wash humanity, repair wounds, make them less painful.

Today, having returned to France for a few months, she chooses the Clitoris as a symbol of evolution, to repair mutilated and abused bodies and hearts.

The Clitoris is the female organ, dedicated solely to pleasure. He too is in the shadows.

Nature has so decided. With clitoral artistic creations, abused women (and men) could find a voice in that of her Art.

A way towards the recognition of their suffering and, by sublimation, of their being.

We are desiring and desired beings.

The abused could find their way there without being drowned in the whirlwind of ephemeral and superficial media revelations.

We cut what exceeds to "look pretty" and enter the norm. For "well-thinking".
She wishes to put this creation of unlimited Clitoris at the service of Equality.

So that the message takes on its full meaning.

Do not take power but open up to the freedom to be, to choose one's place in society.


egon schiele, klimt, kahlo, rivera, niki de saint phalle


2017-2017 Formation Accompagnement des élèves en situation de Handicap Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire
2011-2013 Formation Art-thérapie Profac France
2005-2007 Ecole des beaux arts Le Havre, France
1998-2004 Ecole de la Marine Marchade Le Havre, France
Yaël Moon

The artist at work

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